Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Posting in Pictures

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - We have had a flurry of visitors and activity in the last few weeks:  first our dear sailor friends Alex and Julie in the US Virgin Islands and then my brother Max, his wife, Kimberly and their two daughters , Lexi and Kamryn visited us the Spanish Virgin Islands.  Following that was Easter in Culebra and a hauling out in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. So grateful for the visits!

We just arrived about a half hour ago to the DR after a 24 hour sail. A picture tells a thousand words, so I will leave the rest up to the pics... enjoy!

First day... the cousins together at last

Max looks a little stressed

Soon to be fashion model..

Tio Sebas

Fashion Model #2

Culebrita, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Snack time

The Tennies´ in the Spanish VI

The kids have taken over the dinghy!

The adventurous twosome looking for shells

Another adventurous twosome trying not to get too sunburned

Snorkel Boy

After a long hike up to the lighthouse

Made it to the pinnacle

View from above

Begonia at sunset

The two Kozuira men

They all slept outside on the trampoline at night

Crazy hair




Just chilllin´

Our dinghy saw a lot of action that week!

Walking through Culebra


This sign says it all

Cockpit conversations

Cashing fish

Not only are they cute...

... but they know how to fillet a fish!

Off to the beach

Two of my favorite gals

Mom and daughter

There they are again!