Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Sailing Family... Our Life Aboard "Begonia"

How a family of four left their life behind to sail the ocean blue and pursue a healthier mind, body and soul.

Call it a "mid-life crisis," call it a "search for a deeper meaning in life," or call it "crazy," we finally made the decision to take a year off from our daily routine to sail the seas and live aboard the sailboat "Begonia" - our catamaran, a Fountaine Pajot, Athena 38. 

With two young children - Sofia, 7 and Benjamin, 4 - the adventure proves to be quite a challenge. But what better way of seeing things from a different perspective and embracing what the world has to offer, than as a family. This is the best gift we could give to ourselves and to our children. 

We hope you enjoy the voyage along with us... 

The Koziuras hail from Evanston, IL. In December 2010 they embarked on a yearlong adventure that will take them sailing the Caribbean and all the way to the Med and back. 

SEBASTIAN has sailed all his life in his native Argentina: from the coast of Patagonia all the way to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He is now ready to conquer other parts of the world. Taking a year off to live on a sailboat has been his life's dream. 

KARLA has been a "reluctant sailor" with only one or two daysails under her belt before meeting Sebastian. She enjoys the cruising lifestyle, being able to visit various countries through the "back door" so-to-speak. Now Karla is ready to be the first mate aboard "Begonia," a Foutaine Pajot Athena 38. 

SOFIA is a spunky first-grader who loves to dance and is very creative when it comes to Scotch tape! She will miss her friends this year but is excited to meet new people and see new places. 

BENJAMIN is almost five and will start Kindergarten on the Begonia Homeschool- or as the kids say, "Boatschool." Benjie is always eager to learn and to help -- whether sailing or cooking. He can also row a dinghy like the best of them!

Proposed Itinerary for BEGONIA - Fountaine Pajot Athena 38

·                     DEC '10: Ft. Lauderdale, boat improvements.
·                     JAN '11: Bahamas, Turks and Caicos,
·                     MAR '11: Puerto Rico, Spanish VI, USVI, BVI
·                     APR '10: St. Martin, Saba, St. Kitts and Nevis
·                     FEB '11: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico.
·                     MAY '11: St. Martin (Karla and kids), Sebastian crosses Atlantic
·                     JUN-JUL '11: Azores, Begonia arrives in NW Spain, Portugal
·                     AUG-SEP '11: Spain and Balearics
·                     OCT '11: Morocco
·                     NOV '11: Canary Islands
·                     DEC '11: Senegal,Gambia, Cape Verde
·                     JAN '12: Koziura Family crosses Atlantic en route to America
·                     FEB '12: Tobago, Grenada, Marie Galante, Guadeloupe
·                     MAR '12 St. Croix, Saba, Puerto Rico
·                     APR '12: Bahamas
·                     MAY'12: Bahamas
·                     JUNE'12: Back to Florida, prepare the boat, drive to Chicago